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2nd India-Pakistan War (1965)--A short war between India and Pakistan in 1965 over their disputed border in the Jammu-Kashmir region. Part of the Indo-Pakistani War Series

 Indian Army troops in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War

Indian Army troops in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War

The Pakistani-Indian War Began: August 5, 1965

The Pakistani-Indian War Ended: September 23, 1965

The Pakistani-Indian War Was Fought Between: Pakistan vs. India

Location of the Pakistani-Indian War: Pakistan and India fought along the entire length of their common border.

The Pakistani-Indian War Resulted In: An inconclusive cease-fire

The Length of the Pakistani-Indian War: Six weeks

Pakistani-Indian War Casualties:

Indian Military Casualties: 3,000 Killed; At least 175 tanks and

60–75 aircraft destroyed


Pakistani Military Casualties: 3,800 Killed; 200 tanks and

20 aircraft destroyed





Pakistan - India War of 1965: The Ground War - 2/3 (1965)

OFFICIAL 1965 WAR HISTORY--History Division, Ministry of Defence, Government of India


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