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Communist Wars

Wars and Conflicts involving Communist/Marxist nations and organizations.

 Post-World War Two Wars and Conflicts involving Communists nations and Communist organizations, rebel groups, and movements.

Greek Civil War (1946-1949)-Greek Communist rebels attempted to overthrow the pro-Western Greek government.


First Indochina War (1946-1954) --The "First IndochinaWar" was really a regional conflict involving France, as the colonial ruler of "French Indochina," against the nationalist (but Communist) rebels seeking independence for Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. This war was a part of the Cold War, since in also involved the United States (and to a lesser extent), Great Britain, aiding their ally France, while the Communist rebels (the Viet Minh, Pathet Lao, and Khmer Issarak), enjoyed aid from the Soviet Union and Communist China.

Malayan War (1948-1960)-Communist insurgency against the new Malayan government. Britain, Australia, and other Commonwealth nations put down the insurgency in what would be the only outright military victory of the Western powers against the Communists in the Cold War.

Korean War (1950-1953)-Communist North Korea attacked pro-Western South Korea. Communist China sent troops to aid the North Koreans, while the United States and the United Nations sent troops to help South Korea. The Soviet Union also aided North Korea.

Second Indochina War (1956-1975) --The so-called "Vietnam War" was really a regional and international conflict involving not just North and South Vietnam and the U.S. but also embroiling Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Below are some of the "smaller" conflicts that in part made up the Second Indochina War. North Vietnam was a communist nation, and was heavily supported by the Soviet Union and China.

Sino-Indian War (1962)--A short war between India and China in 1962 over their disputed border.

Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968)--The armed forces of the Communist Warsaw Pact (Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland, and Hungary) invaded Czechoslovakia to bring down a reformist Czech government.

Ogaden War (1977-1978)- Ethiopia's Marxist government against Somalia and Somali rebels in the Ogaden desert area. The Soviet Union provided huge amounts of material and logistcal support and Cuba sent thousands of troops to fight on Ethiopia's side.

Third Indochina War (1977-1989)--This regional war included several separate conflicts involving the Communist-ruled Indochina nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, as well as China. including:
Cambodia-Vietnam War (1977-1991)

China -Vietnam War (Feb. 17-Mar. 16, 1979)

China-Vietnam Border Clashes (1979-1988)

Thai-Laotian Border Clashes (1980, 1984, 1987)


Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (1979-1989)-The Soviets invaded Afghanistan to save the new Communist regime from Jihadist rebels.

Invasion of Grenada (1983)-The U.S. invaded the Marxist-ruled island of Grenada, engaging in combat with the troops of the Marxist regime as well as Cuban troops on the island.


Romanian Revolution-Popular uprising against the Communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu in December of 1989. This brief conflict can be considered the last war in Europe involving a Communist government.



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Communist Wars

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