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Joe Cimperman

(b. 1970?)

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World Biography
Joe Cimperman

(b. 1970?)




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Joe Cimperman (b. ~1970) is an American politician currently representing the 10th Congressional District of Ohio in the United States House of Representatives. He is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2008 election.

Joe Cimperman is a Cleveland City Council Member representing the city's 13th Ward, which includes the areas of St. Clair Superior, Payne Sterling, Midtown, Downtown, Tremont, Ohio City/Near West, Duck Island, and Forest City Park neighborhoods of Cleveland.

Cimperman was born and raised in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood. He is of Slovenian descent and his family was active in Cleveland's Slovenian community. He graduated from St. Ignatius High School and earned a BA in English from John Carroll University where he served as the Student Council President.

Note: Cimperman is one of 21 Council Members, each representing a separate ward within the city of Cleveland.

Joe Cimperman entered the race for the Democratic nomination for Ohio's 10th Congressional District. He seeks to unseat incumbent Dennis Kucinich, and the primary challenge was one factor in Kucinich's decision to drop out of the Presidential race on January 25, 2008.

Cimperman lost the Democratic Primary election to incumbent Congressman Dennis Kucinich, receiving 35% of the vote to Kucinich's 52%.



The Cimperman 2008 platform includes: (adapted from the Cimperman Campaign site at:

On Job Creations:

To put our region back in the right track, we need to create good jobs so that hard working people can support their families. I will create jobs by investing in education, job training, and providing the infrastructure to attract high tech, medical, and advanced manufacturing jobs to the region. I will provide our local companies with the help they need so keep jobs here - and not ship them overseas.


On Fiscal Responsibility:

My parents thought me about the importance of being responsible, balancing the books, and being frugal to save for the future. Today, the burden of debt threatens our economy and future generations of Americans. Deficits hurt our economy, jeopardize our national security, and slow economic growth and job creation. That's why I will promote fiscal responsibility in Washington to eliminate the deficit.


On The Mortgage Crisis:

We must work collaboratively to solve this problem and protect our neighborhoods. We need to provide homeowners with information, counseling, and other resources to prevent foreclosures. Homeowners and lenders should be encouraged to work together and modify loans to avoid spikes in rate hikes that lead to foreclosure. We must enact national legislation to combat predatory lending, provide education and counseling for homebuyers, and work to increase homeownership by providing affordable housing options to families.


On Iraq:

I strongly support our brave troops, but I oppose the war in Iraq. Immediate withdrawal of our troops will further destabilize Iraq and the entire region. I call for a responsible and phased withdrawal that will allow for the Iraqi government to assume greater responsibility for their security. This approach must be backed by an international diplomatic attempt to foster nation-building efforts to stabilize the country.


On National Security:

Protecting the American people should be our government's top priority. I support a strong military to keep America safe. I support policies that protect the homeland from terrorism by adequately funding intelligences gathering and working with allies to stop rogue nations from obtaining weapons of mass destruction. I support policies that secure our borders and protect U.S. ports. I support a sound foreign policy that utilizes diplomacy to restore American's reputation, moral authority, and global leadership.


On Israel & Middle East:

I support a two-state solution to bring stability and peace in the region. This road to peace can only be possible if the Palestine Authority, and other Middle Eastern nations, fully commit to denouncing and dismantling the terrorist networks that jeopardizes the survival of Israel.


Neither the United States, nor Israel, can broker a peace with organizations or governments that are controlled or infiltrated by terrorists. I will strongly support legislation that would hold nations accountable for harboring, supporting, or sponsoring terrorists. I support comprehensive legislation that will stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. The United States must work closely with the international community to strengthen sanctions aimed at stopping Iran's quest of nuclear weapons.


On Our Troops & Veterans:

I strongly support our men and women serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world that safeguard our way of life. We must honor those that fought and sacrificed for freedom, liberty, and security at home and around the world. That's why I support providing the finest medical care and disability benefits for our veterans. One of my top priorities will be to adequately fund programs to improve the quality of life for our veterans.


On Health Care:

The number of uninsured Americans is staggering. Nearly 47 million American are without health insurance - and the numbers are rising. Amazingly 80% of them are from working families. I will dedicate myself to finding solutions that will make health care more affordable and accessible and protect Medicare from privatization.


On Labor & Trade:

My father was a machinist. I know the cause of labor has brought social and economic justice that has strengthened the fabric of our country. That's why I support policies that ensure that American workers can fairly and effectively compete in the global economy. I support trade agreements that protects labor and sets environmental standards. For those whose jobs are affected by outsourcing, workforce training and other services should be provided so they can get the skills they need to work in the knowledge based economy. I am also committed to expanding fair trade - because it bolsters the economy by opening foreign markets for U.S. products, which in return creates jobs and economic growth.


On The Environment:

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, I see the importance of protecting our natural resources like Lake Erie. I am committed to protecting our environment for our and future generations. I will promote conservation and sustainable living. I will champion research on wind, solar, and other alternative energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because we need urgent action on global warming, I will support strengthening international treaties to fight global warming.


On Reproductive Choice:

I am pro-choice. I firmly believe that reproductive choice is a very private matter where the choice is left to the woman and her doctor. I believe politicians should stay out of the decision making process. I support educational, family planning, and outreach programs that reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.




Campaign Contact Information:

Campaign contact information:

Joe Cimperman For Congress

PO Box 771150

Lakewood, OH 44107






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Family, Career, and Personal Highlights

Nora Cimperman- Wife (Married ~2006)


Diploma, St. Ignatius High School (Cleveland)

BA, English from John Carroll University.


I Have a Dream Foundation (Cleveland): Non-profit organization assisting urban high school students

Jesuit Volunteer Corps: Worked with developmentally challenged adults in Portland, Maine and at an AIDS Hospice in Baltimore, Maryland.

West Side Catholic Center: Outreach worker helping homeless families.


Political Career:

1996: Cleveland City Council

Elections involving Joe Cimperman


2006 Election U.S. House of Representatives—Ohio 10th District

Dennis J. Kucinich (D), 66.41%

Michael D. Dovilla (R), 33.59%


2004 Election U.S. House of Representatives—Ohio 10th District

Dennis J. Kucinich (D), 60%

Edward F. Herman (R), 34%

Barbara Ferris (I), 6%

2002 Election U.S. House of Representatives—Ohio 10th District

Dennis J. Kucinich (D), 74%

Jon A. Heben (R), 24%

Judy Locie (L) 2%

2000 Election U.S. House of Representatives—Ohio 10th District

Dennis J. Kucinich (D), 75%

Bill Smith (R), 22%

Ron Petrie (L) 3%

1998 Election U.S. House of Representatives—Ohio 10th District

Dennis J. Kucinich (D), 66.8%

Joe Slovenec (R), 32.2%

1996 Election U.S. House of Representatives—Ohio 10th District

Dennis J. Kucinich (D), 49.1%

Martin R. Hoke (R), (incumbent) 46.3%

Robert B. Iverson (N) 4.6%


(D)= Democrat, (R)= Republican, (L)= Libertarian, (N)= Natural Law Party, (I)= Independent

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