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Iraq Crisis

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Note: This page was originally put together in the late 1990s, when the U.S. was engaged in a prolonged low-level conflict with Iraq, prior to the 2003 invasion. For information and resources about the War in Iraq (2003-Present), click here.

News Links

Yahoo! Full Coverage of the Iraq-U.S. Conflict.

New York Times: Issues In Depth: Attack on Iraq--News source on the Iraq conflict.

BBC News: Iraq - Years of tension: 1992-96--Background information from the British Broadcasting Corporation on the ongoing conflict between Iraq and the U.N.

Confrontations Since the Gulf War-- Very detailed listing of ALL Iraq-U.S./UN confrontations since 1991. Tons of facts available on this site.

Arabic News-- News from the Arab World.

IraqNet News Center-- Good resource for finding news and other links on Iraq and the Middle East.

History and Politics Links on Iraq and the conflict

The History Guy: Issues: Iraq-U.S. Conflict--The History Guy's page containing links to many Iraq sources. Part of this website's Politics section.

The Iraq Foundation --"is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working for democracy and human rights in Iraq, and for a better international understanding of Iraq's potential as a contributor to political stability and economic progress in the Middle East."*Descriptive statement is from the Iraq Foundation website.

DOD 101: United States Military Operations-- Fascinating website run by Global Security.org. On this site you will find tons of data on US military operations going back decades.

Iraq History-- A very detailed accounting of Iraqi/Mesopotamian history covering Biblical times to the Present.

UNSCOM-- The United Nations Special Commission, the organization that conducts the weapons inspections in Iraq. This page is part of the UN website.

Anti-War Links

Iraq Action Coalition--"The Iraq Action Coalition (IAC) is an independent grassroots coalition dedicated to ending the war on the people of Iraq. IAC provides information and analysis on the devastating effects of the continuing war (sanctions)." **Descriptive statement taken from IAC Homepage.**

The Sanctions War Is Killing Iraqi Children--Page detailing the suffering of Iraqi children resulting from the economic sanctions. Part of IAC website.

Iraq Crisis Antiwar Homepage--

Physicians for Global Survival (PGS): The Gulf War of 1991 Sanctions and Iraq--Site maintained by a physicians anti-war organization. Contains many interesting links.

The United Nations Resolutions Links

Resolution 1137 - Nov. 12, 1997

Approves travel sanctions against senior Iraqi officials.

Resolution 1134 & Resolution 1115 - Oct. 23 & June 21, 1997

Demand that Iraq cooperate fully with the inspections regime.

Resolution 986 - April 14, 1995

Approves sale of Iraqi oil for food and humanitarian relief.

Resolution 687 - April 3, 1991

Formally ends the 1991 Persian Gulf War and authorizes the inspection and elimination of Iraq's suspected weapons of mass destruction.

Resolution 661 - Aug. 6, 1990

Imposes a trade and financial embargo on Iraq and occupied Kuwait. Establishes a special sanctions committee to implement the resolution and calls upon U.N. members to protect the assets of Kuwait around the world.

Resolution 660 - Aug. 2, 1990

Condemns the invasion of Kuwait, demands Iraq's unconditional, immediate withdrawal and calls on both countries to begin negotiations.

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Lee, R. "The History Guy: Issues: Iraq Crisis"


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