Wars and conflicts fought in the year 2004 are featured on this page in rough chronological order. This is an outgrowth of the popular New and Recent Conflicts page. This shows only active wars and conflicts waged in 2004. Each entry shows the name(s) fo the conflict, the year it began, the participants in the war, and any pertinent details. Included are links to pertinent History Guy pages and external links.

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Iraq War (also known as: "Operation Iraqi Freedom," "Operation Telic",Gulf War II, The Third Persian Gulf War) (2003-2011) --"The Coalition of the Willing" (United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland, Thailand, Bulgaria) vs. Iraqi irregular forces/insurgents (believed to consist mostly of Saddam Fedayeen)

--By far the most visible, most controversial, and most significant conflict on earth in 2004. President Bush considered this a vital part of the overall War on Terror, while many, including significant numbers of Americans, did not agree that this was a legitimate part of the the anti-terror campaign. Regardless of its inclusion or not in the War on Terror, the war in Iraq continued through 2004, despite the Dec. 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein. By 2004, American and allied forces were dealing with a growing insurgency.

Gulf War II--History Guy page under construction

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Afghanistan War (also known as: "Operation Enduring Freedom,") (2001-Present) --United States, Afghan government vs. Taliban and al-Qaeda. As of the start of 2019, this war is ongoing, though the total number of American and other Western forces are greatly reduced. The Taliban and al-Qaida are strong in the countryside.

al-Qaeda War (also known as: "Operation Enduring Freedom,") (2001-Present) --United States, Afghan government

Burundi Civil War (1994-Present) --Burundi Government vs. Hutu rebels

Chechen War (also known as: the Second Chechen War) (1999-Present) --Russian Government vs. Chechen irregulars/insurgents. After the initial Russian invasion of semi-independent Chechyna in 1999, the conflict settled down to a classic guerilla war pitting the Russian military and security forces against both urban and rural-based guerilla fighters. Over the past several years, the Chechens have taken the war to Russia's heartland with several deadly terrorist attacks agains Russian civilian targets, the most famous such attack being the seizure of a Moscow movie theater, which resulted in hundreds of casualties.

Columbian Civil War (1964-Present) --Columbian Government (with increasing aid from the United States vs. Marxist rebels and various narcotics cartels.

Israel-Palestinian War (also known as: al-Aqsa Intifada, 2nd Intifada) (2001-Present; ) --Israel vs. Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian militias and guerilla groups. While overall violence has subsided, Palestinian suicide attacks still occur. as do Israeli strikes at Palestinian targets. Both types of actions often initiates a new cycle of attacks. As of 01-07-04, the prospect of a lasting peace are remote.

Cote de Ivorie (Ivory Coast) Civil War (2002-2007) --Ivory Coast Government vs. (mostly) Muslim rebels. France has several thousand "peacekeeping" troops in the nation, but France clearly favors the government.

Nepal Civil War (1994-2006) --Nepal Government vs. Marxist rebels. The rebels seek to destroy the Royal Monarchy and replace it with a Marxist/Maoist system.

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