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 As more wars and conflicts arise throughout the world, those wars will be added to this listing.

Combat in Afghanistan Picture

Combat in Afghanistan

Afghan Civil War

 American Revolution

American Revolution Links

Battles of Lexington & Concord Links

Battle of Saratoga

American War Casualties

Anglo-Dutch Wars --An overview of the wars between Britain and the Netherlands.

Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941

Third Balkan War

Bangladesh Army Mutiny of 2009-

Barbary Wars

Battle of Gettysburg

Cambodia-Vietnam War

Caprivi Uprising In Namibia

Casamance War in Senegal

Chechen War Two

China -Vietnam War

Civil Wars of Chad

Congo War

Ecuador-Peru War of 1941

Gaza Strip Conflict/Gaza War- Palestinian-Israeli War of 2008

Georgian Military Revolt

Greek-Turkish Conflict

Invasion of Grenada

Guinea-Bissau Civil War

Gulf War

Gulf War Two (Iraq War)

History of Yemen: Wars and Politics--**NEW**

Hmong Rebellion in Laos

India-Bangladesh Border War (2001)

India's Forgotten War: The Maoist Insurgent War In India

Inter-Palestinian Civil Wars and Conflicts

Iran-US Hostage Crisis (1979-1981)

Israel-Lebanon Conflict

Kashmir War Links

Korean War (1950-1953)

Korean Border Conflicts and Incidents (1953-Present)

Korean Naval Battle (November, 2009)

Kosovar-Serb Warfare

Kosovo War

Kosovo Links

Lesotho Conflict

Libyan War

Mexican-American War

Naval Incidents Between the United States and China (2009)

Nepal Civil War

No-Fly Zone War

Norman Conquest of England

Saudi-Yemen Conflict

Raid at Dieppe Links

Rwanda Civil Wars

Saudi-Yemen Border Conflict (2009)

Six-Day War (1967)

Slave Rebellions in the USA

Somali Pirate Attacks

Somali Pirate Attack on Maersk Alabama

Spanish American War Links

Suez War of 1956

Thailand-Laos Border War of 1987

Thailand-Myanmar Border Conflict of 2001

Thailand-Cambodia Border Dispute

Tostig's Rebellion in England (1006)

Vietnam War

Mayaguez Incident (1975)

War in Western Sahara

Wars and Conflicts of Georgia

Wars, Conflicts, and Coups of Colombia

Wars, Coups, and Conflicts of Haiti

Wars and Conflicts of Lebanon

Wars of Poland

Wars of Southern Africa :1899-Present --An overview of the colonial wars, civil wars, and other conflicts in southern africa from 1899 to the present

Wars and Conflicts Between Tibet and China

Wars, Conflicts, and Coups of Venezuela

Waziristan War--The War on Terror expands to Pakistan's Northwest Frontier!

World War Two--

Soviet and Russian military uniforms, hats, gas masks, equipment, patches, badges and many other surplus items

World War Two Battles & Campaigns

The Battle of the Atlantic-Naval warfare in the Atlantic Ocean during World War Two

The Battle of the River Plate (Dec. , 1939)--The sinking of the German pocket battleship, the Graf Spee

Attack on Pearl Harbor

German Invasion of Poland (1939)--The decision by Hitler to launch his Nazi invasion of Poland became the starting point for the start of World War Two in Europe, and enabled Hitler's Holocaust to find more Jewish victims among Poland's large Jewish population.

Images and Pictures of The German Invasion of Norway (1940)

Images and Pictures of The German Invasion of Denmark (1940)

Invasion of Normandy (1944)

Japanese Surrender Documents

Raid at Dieppe Links

Roosevelt's Day of Infamy Speech

The Anti-Comintern Pact (Signed November 25, 1936)

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (Signed August 24, 1939)

Text of Adolf Hitler's Proclamation to the German Army announcing war with Poland (September 1, 1939)

The Tripartite Pact (Signed September 27, 1940)

Atlantic Charter of August 14, 1941

President Roosevelt's Message To Congress on the Atlantic Charter of August 21, 1941

U.S. Declaration of War Against Japan (December 8, 1941)

Lend Lease Agreement (February 23, 1942)

Anglo-American Agreement of February 28, 1942

President Roosevelt's D-Day Prayer to the Nation (June 6, 1944)

The Yalta Conference Agreements (February 11, 1945)

Japanese Surrender Documents (September 2, 1945)


Yemeni Tribal Uprising

Wars and Conflicts by Nation-a list of wars of individual nations

Serial Wars and Conflicts--Serial Wars, as identified on this page, are those conflicts between nations or peoples that form a connecting pattern of violence.

The List of Wars-A listing of wars from around the world with links to specific content pages.

Wars by Year

Wars in a Series by Nation:

Arab-Israeli Wars This page shows a listing of conflicts between various Arab nations and the state of Israel. At the present time, this page is a work in progress. More links to detailed war pages will be added soon.

Franco-German Wars This page shows a listing of conflicts between various France and Germany since 1870. At the present time, this page is a work in progress. More links to detailed war pages will be added soon.

French Military History

German Internal Conflicts (1918-1945) This page shows a listing of conflicts within Germany between the end of World War I to the end of Hitler's regime. At the present time, this page is a work in progress. More links to detailed conflict pages will be added soon.

Indo-Pakistani Wars This page shows a listing of conflicts between India and Pakistan.

Russian Military History (1815-1918)

Wars of Iraq Details the wars and conflicts of Iraq, including the 1990-1991 Gulf War, and the current Iraq War.

Wars of Vietnam Details the wars and conflicts of Vietnam, including the French Indochina War, and the Vietnam War, (which in Vietnam is called the American War)

Wars and Conflicts of the United States This page presents the wars and conflicts of the United States from the colonial period to the present day, including the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those wars shown as blue links lead to active pages detailing the conflicts.



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