List of Wars By Nation


Most nations in world history have fought many wars throughout time. Each nation has its own unique and interesting military history. This list of wars by nation provides a place to begin examining wars and conflicts by individual country.


Wars of the United States

Wars and Conflicts of Great Britain

Wars and Conflicts of Pakistan

Wars of India

Wars of Burma/Myanmar

Wars of Germany

Wars of Poland

German Internal Conflicts

French Military History: Wars from 1945-Present

French Military History: Wars from 1919-1939

Wars of the Soviet Union

Wars and Conflicts of Ukraine

Wars of Cuba

Wars, Coups, and Conflicts of Haiti

Wars of Mexico

Wars of Vietnam

Wars of Iraq

Wars of Egypt

Wars of Colombia

Wars of Venezuela

Civil Wars of Chad

Wars and Conflicts of Lebanon

Wars and Conflicts of Turkey

Wars and Conflicts of Tunisia

Wars of Sudan

Second Hundred Years War: A Series of Anglo-French Conflicts

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