Korean Naval Battle

(November, 2009)

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Korean Naval Battle
(November, 2009)

The Korean War (1950-1953) officially never really ended. The warr's major fighting ended with an armistice signed on July 27, 1953 between North Korea and its foes, South Korea and the United Nations. Over the 50-plus years, numerous border battles, naval clashes, incidents, espionage thrillers, assassination attempts, and terrorist acts have occurred between North and South Korea, often involving American forces as well.

The most volatile part of the Korean border is western sea-border, which is very much in dispute between Seoul and Pyongyang.

On November 09, 2009, a North Korean naval vessel entered South Korean waters, refused to return to the North, and then was brought under fire by the South Korean navy. The North Korean ship was partially destroyed, and managed to escape back across the Naval Limit Line, which is the sea-border between the Koreas. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Northern incursion came only days before U.S. President Barack Obama was due to visite East Asia. It is common for the Pyongyang regime to seek attention from the U.S. and from the world as a whole in order to put it's own agenda on the table and to force other nations to deal with North Korea.

The naval battle took place near the South Korean-held island of Daecheong-do, 125 miles west of the South Korean capital of Seoul. The island is located ja mere 18 miles from the North Korean coast. North Korea reported one sailor died in the clash while three others were wounded.





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