Kyrgyzstan Uprising 2010



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Kyrgyzstan Flag

Kyrgyzstan Uprising 2010


Kyrgyzstan Uprising in April 2010 resulted in the overthrow of the governement following the spread of violent unrest, to the capital city of Bishkek Wednesday, April 7, 2010, a day after protests began in a provincial town sparked by growing discontent over government corruption and rising prices in a the poor Central Asian nation where a third of the 5.3 million population live in poverty.

Opposition leaders claimed on April 7, to control the government after clashes with government forces left at least 65 dead in the capital.

The 2010 Kyrgyzstan Uprising that appears to have overthrown the government of President Kurmanbek Saliyevich Bakiyev comes amid rising political corruption and increasing poverty in this strategically-located former Soviet Republic. Both the U.S and Russia maintain military based in Kyrgystan, and the Manas base used by American forces is a vital link in the supply chain supporting allied forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. This conflict, if it devolves into outright civil war, could bring Russia and America into the fray, and (worse case scenario) not necessarily on the same side. This conflict bears watching.


Kyrgyzstan Map


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Recent Kyrgyzstan Political and Military History:

1876 - Russia conquers the Khanate of Kokand which incorporates what is now the nation of Kyrgyzstan into the Russian empire.

1916-17 - Russia's Muslim Central Asian regions rebel during the Russian Revolution/Civil War in the Basmachi Rebellion. Many Kyrgyz flee to China, following the Russian suppression of rebellion in Central Asia.

1920s and 1930s - Soviet land reforms, destroy the traditional Kyrgyz way of life. The Kyrgyz Communist Party becomes the only legal political party. Soviet purges kill off many members of the Kyrgyz intelligentsia, and others who dissent are imprisoned or executed.

1936 - Kyrgyzstan becomes a constituent republic within the Soviet Union.

1990 - Kyrgyz Communist Party leadership opposes changes to the Soviet constitution to allow non-Communist parties to take part in political life. A state of emergency is imposed after several hundred people are killed in interethnic clashes between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz around the town of Osh, near border with Uzbekistan. Askar Akayev, a member of the reform wing of the Kyrgyz Communist Party is elected by the legislature to the newly created post of president.

1991 - Kyrgyzstan declares independence from the Soviet Union and President Akayev joins Russian leader Boris Yeltsin in openly resisting the anti-Gorbachev coup by conservative Communists in Moscow.

1995 - President Akayev is re-elected with over 70% of the vote.

1999 -- In August and September troops are sent in after Islamic militants seize numerous hostages and several villages near Tajik border. Hostages were freedafter fierce fighting.

2000 --August , government troops again battle Islamic fighters who cross the border from Tajikistan and again seize hostages.

2000 -- Askar Akayev is again re-elected in November as president for a another five years. International observers believe that the elections are flawed and unfair.

2002 --Leading opposition deputy Azimbek Beknazarov is detained and prominent human rights activist Sherali Nazarkulov dies while on hunger strike to protest against Mr Beknazarov's detention and five protesters are killed in clashes with police during a protest demanding the release of Beknazarov in the southern regional capital Jalal-Abad.

2002-2003--Anti-government protests continue, and several terrorist bombings take place.

2005--President Akayev's resignation flees to Russia amid a rebellion called the Tulip Revolution. A Nnwly-elected parliament recognizes Kurmanbek Saliyevich Bakiyev as acting president and prime minister. He acknowledges it as legitimate. Bakiyev later wins a general election as president.

2006--Anti-government protesters clash with authorities.

2009--Bakiyev wins re-election in another possibly corrupt election.

2010 --In April opponents of President Bakiyev seize the offices of state-owned radio and television in Bishkek durign growing unrest over rising fuel prices and government corruption. President Bakiyev declares a state of emergency in protest-hit areas.


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