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A Resource on Military History, World Conflicts, Current Events, and American Politics and Biography. is a resource on Military History, World Conflicts, American Politics, and Biography. The site is constantly growing, with new sections added periodically, and new pages added on a weekly basis. has served history buffs, students, and online researchers since 1998, and was originally created as a six-page online aid for a Social Studies teacher who wanted a quick and reliable resource to guide his high school students.  This was back in the days before Google, Wikipedia, and many of today’s Internet resources were conceived.  The site has evolved in the years since that day in the waning twilight of the Twentieth Century, and now contains nearly a thousand pages, articles, and posts. This website is divided into several sections for easy navigation. Also, you can access individual categories found in the sidebar to the right to check out what is available on the History Guy Website.


These sections and subsections include:

War and Conflict

  Past Wars and Military History

Analysis of Russia’s history in Crimea

  American Wars and Military History

 The Mexican-American War

The American Civil War

World War Two

 Current Wars/New and Recent Wars

  The War in Afghanistan

History and Politics

 American Government and Politics

World Biography and Biofiles

 This Day in History Section

Historical and Political Lists

 Nations of the World

Wars by Nation

Wars of Modern Egypt


Other areas of American and World History can be found in a General History section, as well as through the Historyguy site map, which lists the entirety of the websites content.  Also, as new pages are created or major edits are done to existing pages, those changes will be chronicled on the New Articles and Content Page.  A new website associated with The History Guy is The History and Future of Social Security, which is a look at the issue of Social Security in America.

The Historyguy site also contains links and references to many helpful resources.

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Video of  President Franklin Roosevelt’s Day of Infamy Speech from World War Two Section