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Flag of Haiti
Flag of Haiti

Nation Summary

Haiti is a very poor nation which occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola. Haiti waged the most successful slave revolt in history by gaining independence from France in 1804. France and Spain (a previous ruler) imported many slaves from Africa to work on plantations.

Since independence, Haiti has endured many violent changes of government and was occupied by the United States from 1915 to 1934.

In January, 2010, Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquatke which caused massive damage and loss of life.

Independence: January 1, 1804 (prior to this date, Haiti was a French slave colony and most of the population were slaves of African descent)

Capital: Port-au-Prince

Population & Ethnic Groups

Population (2009) --10,033,000

Ethnic Groups--

95.0% black

0.1% white

4.9% mixed race


Roman Catholic 80%

Protestant 16%


French and Creole (official)

Literacy: (Defined as how many people age 15 and over can read and write)

National Literacy Rate: 53%

History of Haiti

 See Leaders of Haiti

Major Wars and Conflicts of Haiti

War of Independence

1915-1932 U.S. Occupation of Haiti

1994 U.S. Invasion and Occupation of Haiti

2004 Haiti Rebellion


Economic Data


Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $7 Billion --This is how much, in U.S. dollars, this nation's economy produces in terms of products and services annually. (2008) For the purposes of comparison, the GDP of the United States is over $14 Trillion.

GDP - per capita: $790 (2008)--This figure shows how much personal wealth, on average, each Pole is worth. This is usually a good indicator of whether the nation can be considered "wealthy" or not. For the purposes of comparison, the GDP-Per Capita of the United States is over $47,000.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.



Source: The CIA World Factbook 

National Politics

Form of Government--Presidential Republic

Current Leaders:

Prime Minister : Jean-Max Bellerive (since November 11, 2009)

President: Rene Preval (since May 14, 2006)

List of Haitian Leaders




Major Political Parties

Christian Movement for a New Haiti (Mochrenah)

Democratic Alliance Party (Alyans)

Fanmi Lavalas (Fanmi Lavalas)

Front for Hope (Fwon Lespwa)

Fusion of Haitian Social Democrats (Fusion des Sociaux-Démocrates Haïtienne)

Independent Movement for National Reconciliation (MIRN)

National Reconstruction Front (FRN)

Christian National Union for the Reconstruction of Haiti (Mouvement Chrétien pour Bâtir une Nouvelle Haïti)

Party for the Integral Advancement of the Haitian People (P.A.I.P.H)

Rally of Progressive National Democrats (Rassemblement des Démocrats Nationaux Progressistes)

Respect (Respè)

Struggling People's Organization (Òganizasyon Pèp Kap Lité)


Biofiles -Biography pages of people who impacted Haiti.




About Us

Bio of the History Guy


Site Map--revision in progress


Haitian Leader:

(Titles include Governor,

Emperor, King, President,

Prime Minister)

Year(s) in Office:

Notes about term of Office:

Jean Jacques Dessalines, Governor



Jean Jacques Dessalines, Emperor



Henri Christophe, President

1807 - 1811


Henri Christophe, King



Alexander Petion

1807 - 1818

died in office

Jean Pierre Boyer

1818 - 1843


Riviere Riviere-= Herard

1843 - 1844


Philippe Guerrier

1844 - 1845

died in office

Jean Louis Pierrot

1845 - 1846


Jean Baptiste Riche

1847 - 1847

died in office

Faustin Soulouque, President

1847 - 1849


Faustin Soulouqu e, Emperor



Fabre Nicholas Geffrard

1859 - 1867


Sylvain Salnave

1867 - 1869


Nissage Saget

1870 - 1874

full term

Michel Domingue


1874 - 1876


Boisrond Canal

1876 - 1879


Lysius Felicite Salomon

1879 - 1888


Francois Legitime

1888 - 1889


Florvil Hyppolite

1889 - 1896

died in office

Tiresias Simon Sam

1896 - 1902

full term

Nord Alexis

1902 - 1908


Antoine Simon

1908 - 1911


Cincinnatus Leconte

1911 - 1912

died in office

Tancrede Auguste

1912 - 1913

died in office

Michel Oreste

1913 - 1914


Oreste Zamor



Davilmar Theodore

1914 - 1915


Vilbrun Sam



Sudre Dartigue= vave

1915 - 1922

full term (1st US Occupation)

Louis Borno

1922 - 1930

full term (1st US Occupation

Eugene Roy*


(1st US occupation)

Sternio Vincent

1930 - 1941

full term (occupation until 1934)

Élie Lescot

1941 - 1946


Franck Lavaud



Dumarsais Estim&ea= cute;

1946 - 1950


Paul Eugène Magloire

1950 - 1956


Joseph Nemours Pierre-Louis*

1956 - 1957


Franck Sylvain*



Executive Government Council



Antonio Thrasybule Kebreau
(Chairman of the Military Council)



François Duvalier

1957 - 1971

died in office

Jean-Claude Duvalier

1971 - 1986


Henri Namphy

1986 - 1987

full term

Lesli Manigat



Henri Namphy*

1988 - 1989


Prosper Avril*

1989 - 1990


Etha Pascal-T= rouillot*

1990 - 1991

full term

Jean-Bertrand Aristide



Joseph Nerette*


1991 - 1992


Marc Bazin (acting prime minister)

1992 - 1993


Émile Jonassai= nt*



Jean-Bertrand Aristide

1994 - 1996

finished remainder of term

Rene Preval

1996 - 2001

full term

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

2001 - 2004


Boniface Alexandre*

2004 - 2006


René Préval

2006 -


[*Provisional Leader]



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 Haiti Leaders Page

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