The Kosovo War



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The Kosovo War



Flag of NATO

Flag of Yugoslavia

Flag of Yugoslavia




Government of Yugoslavia/Serbia (President Slobodan Milosevic)


The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

*NATO MEMBERS INVOLVED IN COMBAT OPERATIONS IN KOSOVO INCLUDE: The United States, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

BEGAN: February, 1998 (KLA began operations against Serb forces);

March 24, 1999 (NATO enters the war by beginning a 78-day bombing campaign)

ENDED: June 10, 1999 (NATO halts bombing and Serbs begin to leave Kosovo)

Ethnic/Regional Rebellion & Foreign Intervention


PREDECESSOR: (Related conflicts that occurred before)

Ongoing history of warfare between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs

Several wars have erupted since Yugoslavia began to fall apart in 1991. All of these conflicts are interconnected and all have involved the military forces of the Yugoslav government. (The names Yugoslavia and Serbia are often used interchangeably since the breakaway of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia from the Yugoslav federal republic.)

Slovenian War of Independence (1991)

Croatian War of Independence (1991-1992)

Krajina War (1991-1995)

Bosnian War (1992-1995)

CONCURRENT: (Related conflicts occurring at the same time)

Iraq-U.S./U.K Conflict (1991-Present)--This war is related only in that the United States and United Kingdom waged simultaneous air wars against Serbia and Iraq in 1999.

SUCCESSOR: (Related conflicts that occur later)

Presevo Rebellion (2000-Present)



Links and Sources:

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Army sets five-year rotation for Kosovo and Bosnia forces

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