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Yemeni Tribal Uprising (1998)


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Yemeni Tribal Uprising (1998)
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NAME OF CONFLICT: Yemeni Tribal Uprising


ALTERNATE NAMES: None known at this time



Various Yemeni Tribes


Yemeni Government



BEGAN: June 19, 1998

ENDED: Continuing


Internal Rebellion




CONCURRENT: Saudi-Yemen Border Conflict (1998)




In the late 1990s, Yemen's economy was down, and nearly a third of it's workforce was jobless. Due to the economy, President Saleh's government ended subsidies on flour and wheat and increased fuel prices by at least 40 percent. These actions provoked demonstrations in the cities and violence in the tribal-dominated countryside.

Yemen alleged that the rich and powerful northern neighbor, Saudi Arabia, was encouraging the unrest in an attempt to weaken or topple the democratic system now in place in Yemen. The Saudis denied this, though at the time,the two countries were currently engaged in a violent border dispute.



Yemen government troops and helicopter gunships were sent into the mountainous countryside to crush the unrest. On July 21, gunmen ambushed a convoy containing the Interior Minister and other officials, causing several casualties including a provincial governor who suffered gunshot wounds.





According to the Associated Press and the Yemen Times newspaper, casualties include 52 dead and 214 wounded.




None discerned at this time.


1. Yahoo news stories (see below)

The Latest News on Yemen

CIA Factbook on Country or conflict --Click on the country name (Yemen) at this site.

Security Incidents in Yemen, 1998--From the Al-bab website.

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