Napoleon's Old Guard Surrender to the British at Waterloo, in the last of the Anglo-French series of wars

Serial Wars and Conflicts in World History

 Serial Wars, as identified on this page, are those conflicts between nations or peoples that form a connecting pattern of violence.

More wars will be added periodically.

Anglo-American Wars --The wars between the British Empire and the United States of America.

Anglo-Dutch Wars --An overview of the wars between Britain and the Netherlands.

Anglo-French Wars--The wars between England/Britain and France, from the Norman Invasion of 1066 to the Napoleonic Wars.

Arab-Israeli Wars --The continuing conflicts between the Middle Eastern nation of Israel and her Arab neighbors are charted here.

The Crusades

Ethiopian-Oromo Conflicts--The Oromo are an ethnic group in Southern Ethiopia who seek indepencence from Addis Ababa. They have fought against the Ethiopians for decades, and the current conflict seems connected to Ethiopia's wars against Eritrea, rebels in the Ogaden region, and with clan/militia groups in Somalia.

Ethiopia-Somali Wars and Conflicts--Listing the wars and conflicts between Ethiopia and Somalia

Franco-German Wars --The few but powerfully significant modern wars between two ancient enemies.

Greco-Turkish Wars --Greece and Turkey (once known as the Ottoman Empire), have a long history of conflict going back to the Middle Ages. This page deals with those conflicts which occurred from the beginning of the Greek War of Independence in the 1820s.

Habsburg-Valois Wars: French Wars in Italy (1492-1516)--A series of wars between Valois-ruled France, and Hapsburg-ruled Austria and Spain.

Indo-Pakistani Wars --With nuclear weapons and recent border clashes threatening a renewal of all-out war, the history of violence between India and Pakistan bears review.

Israeli-Syrian Wars--The conflict between Israel and Syria is a major part of the larger and ongoing Arab-Israeli wars.

Sino-American Wars and Conflicts-Wars between the United States and China.

Sino-Japanese Wars--A series of wars between China and Japan.

Sino-Tibetan Wars (Wars and Conflicts Between Tibet and China)--A look at the wars between Tibet and China, with an emphasis on 20th and 21st Century conflicts.

Tuareg Rebellions--A listing of the Tuareg Rebellions in Mali and northern Africa.

Warfare and Conflict Between Kosovar Albanians and Serbs Since 1912 --A listing and descriptions of warfare between Kosovar Albanians and Serbs since 1912.

Wars and Conflicts Between the United States and Syria

The Naming of Wars: How Are Wars Named?



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