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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (b. October 26, 1947)

Hillary Clinton, is the United States Secretary of State, and a former Senator from the state of New York. Hillary Clinton initially gained fame as the wife of President Bill Clinton, and is today one of those unique individuals who is easily identified by her first name. Mentioning "Hillary" in any type of political context guarantees passionate opinions either for or against her. She proved to be a lightning rod of support for President Clinton from his allies and various liberal groups, especially those involved in feminist/women's issues and health care. Just as powerfully, Hillary Clinton evokes strong reactions from Republicans and conservative groups who see her as someone to both mock and fear as the 2008 Presidential election draws ever nearer. Hillary Clinton was considered such a strong contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination, that Republicans often looked at their roster of potential candidates with thoughts of whether or not those potential candidates can effectively match up against Hillary Clinton.

Clinton came in second in the Iowa Caucuses , won the New Hampshire Primary, and won the Nevada Caucuses.

Not long before the Democratic Convention, it was apparant that Barack Obama would win the nomination. Clinton lent her support to Obama, and in return, Senator Obama urged his supporters to help Hillary Clinton retire her campaign debt.

As the 2008 Presidential campaign wound to a close, Hillary Clinton, as well as her husband, President Bill Clinton, actively campaigned on behalf of Barack Obama and other Democrats.

Following Barack Obama's victory over Republican John McCain, Hillary Clinton was invited to join the Obama Administration as America's face to the world as the Secretary of State.


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