Tom DeLay
Former Representative Tom DeLay

R-22nd District, Texas

(b. 1950)


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Former Representative Tom DeLay

R-22nd District, Texas

(b. 1950)

Tom DeLay- (b. April 8, 1947, in Laredo, Texas)

Tom DeLay is a conservative Republican former congressman who represented Texas' 22nd Congressional District. He served as the House Majority Leader from 1984 until stepping down in late September of 2005 due to his indictment by a Texas grand jury on charges related to alleged campaign finance improprieties.

DeLay worked his way up the Republican hierarchy , becoming the Deputy Whip in 1988, serving under Minority Whip Dick Cheney. Following the 1994 elections and the Republican takeover of Congress, DeLay was elected as the new Majority Whip. In 2002, he was elected the Majority Leader, the second most powerful job in the House after Speaker Dennis Hastert.

After becoming Majority Leader, DeLay was often in the media spotlight due to his involvement with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, his involvement in the Terri Shiavo case, and the 2002 Texas Redistricting Quorum Warrant fiasco.

Abramoff and other lobbyists were accused of giving illegal campaign contributions to Tom DeLay and other politicians. The Schiavo case involved a Florida woman who was in a persistent vegetative coma and her husband's attempt to take her off of life support. DeLay and other conservative Republicans in Congress sided with Terri Schiavo's parents, who wanted to keep their daughter on life support. DeLay saw this as a "Right To Life" case in a similar vein to his stance against abortion, and involved Congress in the Schiavo case. In the Texas redistricting case, DeLay involved various federal agencies in the search for several Texas Democratic State legislators who fled Texas to avoid allowing a quorum in the legislature during a redistricting fight.

On September 28, 2005, Tom DeLay was indicted by a Texas grand jury on conspiracy charges related to political campaign finances. DeLay then announced temporary resignation as Majority Leader, per House rules. DeLay retains his seat in Congress. Congressman Roy Blunt took over as the interim Majority Leader.

On November 24, 2010, a jury in Texa convicted Tom DeLay on charges of illegally funneling corporate money to help elect Republican candidates to the Texas Legislature. He was found guilty on the charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. DeLay was accused of funneling $190,000 to help elect Republicans to the state House and Senate in 2002.

DeLay and his family currently live in Sugarland, Texas.


--Calallen High School, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1965. --Baylor University --premed student, but did not graduate

--University of Houston --graduated with a BS degree in Biology.


--Owner, Albo Pest Control (1973-1984)

--Representative, Texas State House of Representatives (1978-1984)

--Representative, U.S. House of Representatives (1984-Present)


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Christine Ann (Furrh) DeLay --Wife

Children: Danielle (Dani) Kay Delay--Daughter (b. 1972)

Charlie Ray Delay --Father (d. 1988)

Maxine DeLay--Mother

Tena DeLay Neislar--Sister

Randy DeLay-Brother

Ray DeLay-Brother

Political Opponents

Most Democrats in the U.S. Congress and in the Texas Legislature



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Texas jury convicts Tom DeLay on money laundering charges--CNN, Nov. 24, 2010

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