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Clancy Eccles


Clancy Eccles

Clancy Eccles in 2001


Clancy Eccles- (1941-2005)

Clancy Eccles is best known as a singer and producer of reggae, ska and rocksteady music. He was born in Jamaica and died in Spanish Town, Jamaica on June 30, 2005.

Eccles began his career as a professional musician in the 1950s, but became well-known with his song, "River Jordan," released in 1961. He turned to producing; working with a singer from Trinidad by the name of Lord Creator. Their effort produced "Kingston Town.

In the 1970s, Eccles became involved in Jamaican politics, campaigning on behalf of socialist politician Michael Manley, who won election as Jamiaca's Prime Minister (served 1972-1980 and 1989-1992). Using the power of Jamaican reggae music, Clancy Eccles organized various reggae stars to appear on Manley's behalf in a travelling roadshow which gained publicity for Manley's campaign.

He also produced a song called "My Leader Born Yah" in 1967 touting Manley's socialist agenda for Jamiaca.

Clancy Eccles fathered 13 children.


Clancy Eccles Discography:

Singles before 1967

River Jordan / I Live And I Love - 1960 - Blue Beat produced by Coxsone Dodd

Freedom / More Proof - 1960 - Blue Beat produced by Coxsone Dodd

Judgement / Baby Please - 1963 - Island Records produced for Charlie Moo

I'm The Greatest - 1963 - produced by Mike Shadad

Glory Hallelujah - 1963 - Island Records produced by Coxsone Dodd

Sammy No Dead / Roam Jerusalem - 1965 - Ska Beat produced by Lyndon Pottinger.

Miss Ida - 1965 - Ska Beat

Compilations after 1967

Clancy Eccles
Clancy Eccles - Freedom - 1969 - Clandisc/Trojan

Clancy Eccles - 1967-1983 - Joshua's Rod Of Correction - Jamaican Gold (1996)

Clancy Eccles - Top Of The Ladder - 1973 - Big Shot/Trojan


Clancy Eccles & The Dynamites

The Dynamites - Fire Corner - 1969 - Clandisc

Clancy Eccles & The Dynamites - Herbsman Reggae - 1970 - Clandisc

Clancy Eccles & The Dynamites - Top Of The Ladder - 1973 - Big Shot/Trojan

The Dynamites - The Wild Bunch Are The Dynamites - 1967-1971 - Jamaican Gold (1996)

Clancy Eccles & The Dynamites - Nyah Reggae Rock - 1969-1970 - Jamaican Gold (1997)

Clancy Eccles productions

King Stitt - Reggae Fire Beat - 1969-1970 - Jamaican Gold (1996)

Cynthia Richards & Friends - Foolish Fool -1970 - Clandisc

Tito Simon - Just Tito Simon - 1973 - Horse/Trojan coproduced by Joe Sinclair

Various - Clancy Eccles - Fatty Fatty - 1967-1970 - Trojan (1998)

Various - Clancy Eccles Presents His Reggae Revue - Rock Steady Intensified - 1967-1972 - Heartbeat Records (1990)

Various - Kingston Town: 18 Reggae Hits - Heartbeat Records (1993)

Various - Clancy Eccles - Feel The Rhythm - 1966-1968 - Jamaican Gold (2000)

Various - Clancy Eccles' Rock Steady Reggae Revue at Sombrero Club - 1967-1969 - Jamaican Gold (2001)

Various - Clancy Eccles' Reggae Revue At The Ward Theatre - 1969-1970 - Jamaican Gold (2001)

Various - Clancy Eccles' Reggae Revue At The VIP Club - 1970-1973 - Jamaican Gold (2001)

Various - Clancy Eccles' Reggae Revue At The Carib Theatre - 1973-1986 - Jamaican Gold (2001)

Various - Clancy Eccles: Freedom - An Anthology - Trojan (Oct. 2005)

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Family, Career, and Personal Highlights for Clancy Eccles


(Clancy Eccles fathered a total of 13 children)

Clancy Ecccles, Jr. --Son

Associates, Colleagues, & Connections

Lord Creator

Michael Manley



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