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Julius Schwartz


Name: Julius "Julie" Schwartz

Born: June 19, 1915, The Bronx, New York City

Died: February 8, 2004, of pneumonia in Mineola New York, at the age of 88


Photo: Julius Schwartz and Supermanphoto by Beth Gwinn--http://www.dccomics.com/news/article_display.html?nw_dc_itemCode=juliusschwartz



Birthplace: New York City

Education: City College of New York

Occupation: Science Fiction and comic book editor (with DC Comics)

Career History: Science fiction literary agent (1930s), hired by All-American Comics (which later became DC) in 1944, edited DC Comics (1944-1987), DC Editor Emeritus (1987-2004), wrote autobiography, "Man of Two Worlds: My Life in Science Fiction and Comics" (HarperCollins, 2000)

Accomplishments: Schwartz is best known for his work as the editor at DC Comics who reinvigorated the superhero genre in comics industry, and DC Comics characters in particular by modernizing old heroic characters from the 1940s for the modern era. Super-powered characters such as the Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman were among those brought back from obscurity and reinvented for a mid 1950s and early 1960s audience. In the 1960s, he brought a fresh look to Batman, and in the 1970s, he transformed Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, from a bumbling newspaper reporter into a bumbling television news anchor. These characters, along with many others, were joined together in the Justice League, Schwartz's take on the old Justice Society of America, the premier super-group of the 1940s. This began the classic "Silver Age" of comics which saw the popularity of superheroes rise "faster than a speeding bullet," as it were, and continues to this day, as many of his fictional protégés pop up on television, in movies and of course, in the pages of DC comic books.

Among other accomplishments, Schwartz co-created "The Time Traveler," the first science-fiction fanzine in 1932, co-founded the first science fiction literary agency, called Solar Sales Service, and in 1939, he helped found the first World Science Fiction Convention. As a literary agent, he sold some of Ray Bradbury's first stories. In 1961, Schwartz led the comics industry into a new dimension, literally, with the invention of "parallel universes." where different versions of familiar characters, along with many long-forgotten characters, resided. This invention allowed the heroes of DC's current continuity (the Justice League, Superman, Flash, etc.) to interact with parallel versions of themselves (the Justice Society, an older Superman, the original, older Flash, etc.) in alternate Earths.

Awards: "First Fandom Hall of Fame Award, the Shazam, the Eagle, the Alley, the Inkpot and the Jules Verne Awards" (http://www.dccomics.com/news/article_display.html?nw_dc_itemCode=juliusschwartz). In 1998, DragonCon established the "Julie Award" in Schwartz's honor, to honor artists whose work crosses over multiple genres.

Worked/Collaborated With: Mort Weisenger (DC Comics Editor), Forrest Ackerman, Carmine Infantino (comic artist), Gardner Fox (comic writer), Murphy Anderson, Gil Kane (comic artist), Joe Kubert (comic artist), Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams

Published Works:

Man of Two Worlds: My Life in Science Fiction and Comics (2000)


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