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Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the Iron Man armor in Iron Man 2


Iron Man, one of the premier heroes of the Marvel Universe (MU), over the years has acquired a long list of villians who serve as his foes. While many of these enemies are exclusive foes of Iron Man, quite a few of these rogues are also enemies of Iron Man's friends and allies, particularly the super-group he helped found, the Avengers. In the Comics universes, a listing of villians for one particular hero is often referred to as a "Rogues Gallery," which is a term used here.

Below is a list of Iron Man's foes, with their first appearance against him, their first appearance in the Marvel Universe if different, along with other information about the villians.


Wong Chu-Tales of Suspense #39 (March, 1963)--Communist guerrilla leader instrumental in the transformation of Tony Stark into Iron man. Later revealed in Iron Man #267 as an agent of the Mandarin.

Gargantus-Tales of Suspense #40 (April, 1963)--Extra-terrestrial robot in the form of a Neanderthal, sent as part of an invasion of earth by aliens. This is the only appearanc of Gargantus (desroyed in this issue).

Doctor-Tales of Suspense #40 (April, 1963)--Insane doctor/scientist who uses a shrinking ray. This is the only appearanc of the Doctor.

Unidentified Aliens-Tales of Suspense #40 (April, 1963)--Aliens who sent Gargantus to invade Earth. This is the only appearanc of these particular aliens.

Dr. Carlo Strange-Tales of Suspense #41 (May, 1963)--Criminal genius who who has devices that enable him to control Iron Man's mind. Strange threatens the world with his "S-Bomb," for ransom. Defeated by Iron Man. This is the only appearance of Dr. Strange (not connected to Dr. Stephen Strange, who is an ally of Iron Man).

Red Barbarian-Tales of Suspense #42 (June, 1963)--Leader of a Soviet spy ring, which also includes The Actor. Red Barbarian tricked and defeated by Iron Man. This is the only appearance of the Red Barbarian.

The Actor-Tales of Suspense #42 (June, 1963)--Soviet spy who is a master of disguise; Worked for the Red Barbarian, but is shot and killed by the Red Barbarian for his failure and defeat by Iron Man. This is the only appearance of The Actor.

Kala, Queen of Netheria-Tales of Suspense #43 (July, 1963)--Kala is the Queen of Netheria, an undersea kingdom, which was once part of Atlantis. She and her general, Baxu, are defeated by Iron Man as they attempt to conquer the surface world. Kala next appears in Fantastic Four # 127.

Baxu, of Netheria-Tales of Suspense #43 (July, 1963)--Baxu is the general of Kala, Queen of Netheria, an undersea kingdom, which was once part of Atlantis. Kala and Baxu are defeated by Iron Man as they attempt to conquer the surface world. Baxu next appears in Fantastic Four # 127.

The Mad Pharoah (Hatap)-Tales of Suspense #44 (August, 1963)--Hatap, the Mad Pharoah, was an enemy of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. He is revived from suspended animation and uses a magic bracelet to return to ancient days with Tony Stark. Stark/Iron Man defeats Hatap, who is killed when he falls on a sword. This is the only appearance of the Mad Pharaoh.

Loki-Avengers #1 (Sept., 1963)--Half-Brother to superhero Thor and the Asgardian God of Mischief, Loki devises a plot to destroy Thor, but his evil plan instead results in the formation of the Mighty Avengers, of whom Iron Man is a founding member. Loki is a persistant foe of the Avengers.

Jack Frost, (Gregor Shapanka)-Tales of Suspense #45 (July, 1963)--ProfessorGregor Shapanka was a criminal who attempted to rob Stark Industries. Captured by Iron Man, Shapanka later uses his technological genius to create an ice suit, and he becomes Jack Frost. Sought revenge on Iron Man, but was defeated. Jack Frost next appears in Iron Man # 86.

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Associates, Colleagues, & Opponents

Significant Villians of Iron Man's Rogues Gallery

Crimson Dynamo-1st App. Tales of Suspense #46

The Mandarin

Titanium Man

Fin Fang Foom

Kang The Conqueror


Justin Hammer

Madame Masque



The Unicorn



Villains who are enemies of Iron Man mostly through his association as an Avenger

Loki, Asgardian God of Mischief

Lessser or Minor Enemies


The Doctor

Dr. Carlo Strange

Red Barbarian and The Actor

Kala, Queen of Netheria and General Baxu

The Mad Pharoah (Hatap)

Iron Man

Links and Resources on Iron Man

Marvel Universe Iron Man (Anthony Stark)--Official Marvel Universe Webpage.


Iron Man: The Many Loves of Tony Stark--A look at a few of the many women romanced by Tony Stark over the years.

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character Tony Stark: Iron Man--An interesting analysis of the possible religious beliefs of Iron Man.

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Significant Issues Affecting Iron Man/Tony Stark:


Co-founded The Avengers (Avengers # 1, 1963)

Red and gold armor debuted (Tales of Suspense #48, 1963)

Became an alcoholic (Iron Man #167-182, 1983-1984)

Jim Rhodes became Iron Man (Iron Man #169-199, 1983-1985)

Tony Stark returned as Iron Man in red & silver armor (Iron Man #200, 1985)

Iron Man fought the Armor Wars against armored villains and U.S. Government Guardsmen (Iron Man #225-231, 1987-1988)

James Rhodes took over as Iron Man again (Iron Man #284, 1992)

Tony Stark resumed role as Iron Man again (Iron Man #289, 1993)

Iron Man helped found Force Works (Force Works #1, 1994)

Iron Man armor became sentient, killed Whiplash (Iron Man #26-30, 2000)

Ultron took control of armor (Iron Man #46-49, 2001-2002)

Tony Stark appointed as U.S. Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #73-78, 2003)

Iron Man infiltrated the Thunderbolts disguised as Cobalt Man (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6, 2004)

Iron Man helped form the New Avengers (New Avengers #1, 2005)

Tony Stark appointed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War #7, 2007)

Source:Marvel Universe Iron Man (Anthony Stark)--Official Marvel Universe Webpage.