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 Human Rights Around the World

Page Menu:

Human Rights Links (General) | War Crimes & Genocide | Child Labor | Human Rights Organizations | Human Rights Treaties and Accords

Human Rights Links (General)  
Cyber-X-Times - dealing with issues of human rights. Includes links to the National Civil Rights Museum and more.

Declaration of the Common Rights of Humanity - web project of writing a Declaration of basic human rights. Suggestions welcome.

Derechos - English and Spanish human rights info and actions.

DIANA - International Human Rights Database - database designed to promote the creation, preservation, organization, and dissemination of primary and secondary electronic materials critical to human rights research and advocacy.

End to Global Injustice - information about various countries and populations experiencing poverty, political oppression, and environmental abuse.

European Council Human Rights Web - hosts policy papers and the text of relavant agreements; also has links to European human rights organiaztions.

European Roma Rights Center - ERRC mission statement, press releases, letters of public advocacy, human rights reports and contact addresses.

Excuses for the Truth: Disappearances and Their Consequences - practical information on the struggle against "disappearances." Site is designed to facilitate an an exchange of information and experiences for those affected by or working against disappearances.

Faith and Social Justice Page - resources, links, and articles for people of faith who are concerned about social justice issues.

Flashpoint! - human rights magazine on the internet; features articles on human rights, health and humanitarian assistance around the globe.

For the Record 1997: Human Rights in the U.N. System

Fourth World Documentation Project - making resources available to tribal governments, researchers and organizations with an interest in the Fourth World.

Global Millennium Project - invites the people of the world to participate in the largest and most ambitious global transformation project ever initiated.

Globalization & Human Rights - companion site to the PBS special focusing on the ongoing debate over whether or not human rights concerns should be linked to economic policies.

Henry Helps Page for Children's Rights - links, articles, chat, stories, and the definition as of the United Nations Children's Fund.

Human Rights and Forensic Anthropology - about the investigation of human rights abuses internationally through the use of forensic anthropology in the exhumation of mass graves in Guatemala, Rwanda, Bosnia and other places.

Human Rights Library - University of Minnesota

Human Rights Server - multilingual database containing human rights links and information sorted by country.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Web

In Pursuit of Justice?

International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) - network of freedom of expression organizations worldwide.

Karen Parker Page for Humanitarian Law

Lausanne Appeal - demands that at the Rome Conference (June 1998), organized criminality against children will be prosecuted and judged as a crime against humanity. Sponsored by the Terres des Hommes Foundation. In English and French.

Mining Co.: Human Rights - weekly updates and news, a message boards, and annotated links to related sites.

Oromia Support Group - formed in 1994, OSG campaigns for human rights and freedom of the Oromo people.

Power and The Passion, The - highlights and links to human rights organizations and campaigns.

Progressive Stuff - dedicated to exposing human rights abuses, social injustices and exploitation of mother earth for the short term gains of a minority. Includes lots of links.

Steward, The - offers news, views, links, and resources about labor, human, and civil rights.

Student Human Rights Law Centre - SHRLC-Newsletter: short articles, bookreviews, website-reviews, SHRLC-News.

Survival International - for tribal peoples. Includes an exclusive interview with Richard Gere.

Systematic Study Of Human Rights - SUNY Binghamton - Resources for those engaged in study of governmental abuse of human rights.

Twenty Exemplary Cases - 20 documented cases of torture by the Brazilian government and military police.

War Crimes & Genocide
 Former Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal


  • Bloodless Genocide - a political history of the Pitcairn people in Norfolk Island from 1856 to 1996.

    Crime of Genocide - exploration of the definition.

    Forsaken Cities - text and stills from an Amnesty International documentary video on genocide in Rwanda.

    Genocide in Cambodia and Laos - from the Lao Human Rights Council.

    Genocide: East Timor - essay on the view that this is the state policy in occupied East Timor.

    Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research - provides annotated links, an on-line bibliography, calls for papers, and more.

    Indict.Org - group of individuals and organisations created in to bring Saddam Hussein and others in the Iraqi regime before an international tribunal to face charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

    Rwandan Genocide, The - contains a picture tour of visits to Nyarubuye and Ntarama (two genocide sites), a story about that trip, links.


Child Labor
Child Labor - discussing the role children played in the Industrial Revolution.
Human Rights Treaties and Accords
Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms - full text of the 1950 treaty.

Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (1981)

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Human Rights Documents - from Tufts University.

Human Rights Treaties and Other Instruments - from the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library.

International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (1966)

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966)

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1976)

International Food Security Treaty - seeking to end hunger with the force of law.

UN Convention on the Political Rights of Women (1953)

UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Web Directory: Human Rights Treaties and Conventions - from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Source: Yahoo!

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