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2008 Iowa Caucuses

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2008 Iowa Caucuses


The 2008 Iowa caucuses were the earliestAmerican Presidential caucuses ever. 2008's caucuses were scheduled for January 3, 2008. This presented a big problem for the campaigns; getting voter attention during the holidays.

The run-up to the 2008 caucuses featured a near dead heat between the top three Democrats: Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. The Republican field was very fluid, with polls showing new numbers and new leaders seemingly week to week.


Candidates in the January 3, 2008 Iowa Caucuses:

Senator Barack Obama--38%--The winner

Former Senator John Edwards--29%--Still alive as the campaign heads for New Hampshire

Senator Hillary Clinton--29%--Huge defeat for Hillary as she entered Iowa the clear front-runner, and is now in 3rd place. She can still pick it up in New Hampshire and hopes the Clinton magic can transform her into a new "Comeback Kid," like another Clinton did sixteen years ago.

Governor Bill Richardson--2%

Senator Joseph Biden--1%

Uncommitted--Less than 1%

Senator Christopher Dodd--Less than 1%

Former Senator Mike Gravel--Less than 1%

Representative Dennis Kucinich--Less than 1%





Candidates in the January 3, 2008 Iowa Caucuses:


Mike Huckabee--34%--The winner. Helped by the Evangelical turnout, and by Chuck Norris standing over his shoulder.

Mitt Romney--25%--Even though he took second place, he far outspent Huckabee, and losing by nine percentage points represents a big fall. May do better in New Hampshire.

Fred Thompson--13%--Not bad considering he entered the race late.

John McCain--13%--Not a bad considering he did not really run in Iowa and devoted his resources to New Hampshire. Must win next week in the Granite State to survive.

Ron Paul--10%--May do well in libertarian-minded New Hampshire.

Rudy Giuliani--4%--Did not run in Iowa. Competing in Iowa and then losing badly would have hurt him more than not competing

Duncan Hunter--1%--Irrelevant before, much more irrelevant now.

Tom Tancredo--Dropped out of the race on October 28, 2007. He endorsed Mitt Romney



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