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Party Affiliation: Republican

1991-1994: U.S. Congressman for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District

1990: Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District

1992: Re-Elected to the House

1995-2007: U.S. Senator representing Pennslvania

1994: Elected to the U.S. Senate

2000: Re-elected to the Senate

2006: Lost re-election to the Senate

2011-2012: Candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Jan. 3, 2012--Santorum appeared to come in a very close second in the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, narrowly losing to Mitt Romney by eight votes. However, a later count of the Iowa Caucus results showed that Santorum actually won in Iowa by 39 votes.

Jan. 10, 2012--Santorum pulled in about 10% of the votes in the New Hampshire Primary, placing him in a virtual tie with Newt Gingrich for 4th place. As the voters in New Hampshire are generally considered less religious than in Iowa, this result was not particularly unexpected.

Santorum ended up in 3rd place in both the South Carolina and Florida Republican primaries, held January 21st and 31st, respectively.

Feb. 7, 2012--Rick Santorum swept the February 7 Republican Caucases in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri. This sweeping win enabled Santorum to raise more money and provided valuable momentum heading into the next round.

March 6, 2012--"Super Tuesday" primaries ended with Santorum winning Oklahoma and North Dakota

March 10, 2012--Republicans caucusing in Kansas hand Santorum a win over Romney, while Santorum came in second in Wyoming.

March 13, 2012--Rick Santorum won the Alabama and Mississippi primaries.



Rick Santorum Personal Information:

Richard John "Rick" Santorum (b. May 10, 1958)

Santorum Family:

Wife: Karen Garver Santorum

Children: Elizabeth, John, Daniel, Sarah Maria, Peter, Patrick, and Isabella

Religion: Roman Catholic

Rick Santorum Resources:

Rick Santorum Official Website

Rick Santorum Missouri Primary Win Speech

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