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Scott Brown

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Scott Brown

Senator Scott Brown 

Scott Brown

Political Biography


 Scott Brown

Scott Brown upon winning Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat in 2010



Scott Brown Political Career/Military Career/Connections

Party Affiliation: Republican

1979-Present: United States Army National Guard. Rank as of 2012-Colonel

1992: Elected to the office of Property Assessor for Wrentham, Massachusetts

1995: Elected as a member of the Board of Selectmen for Wrentham, Massachusetts



1998–2004: Served in Massachusetts State House of Representatives

2004-2010: Served in Massachusetts State Senate


2010-Present: United States Senator from Massachusetts. By winning the special election to succeed Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy (who had died in 2009), Scott Brown became the first Republican elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts since Edward Brooke in 1972.


2012: Candidate for re-election as United States Senator from Massachusetts

November 6, 2012: Scott Brown loses his re-election bid.





Scott Brown Personal Information:

Scott Philip Brown (b. September 12, 1959)

Scott Brown Family:

Gail Huff



Arianna Brown

Ayla Brown




1977: Wakefield High School

1981: Tufts University; BA in History, cum laude

1985: Boston College Law School








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