Representative Joe Wilson


(b. July 31, 1947 )



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Addison Graves "Joe" Wilson (b. July 31, 1947)

Congressman Joe Wilson

Addison Graves "Joe" Wilson (b. July 31, 1947) Serves as a Republican Congressman representing South Carolina's 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Wilson's district extends from the state capital of Columbia, and goes down to the Carolina coast to the resort towns of Beaufort and Hilton Head Island. Representatative Wilson is a member of the Republican Party's conservative wing, and is best known nationally for his outburst against President Obama on September 9, 2009, in which Wilson called Obama a liar in regard to the President's health-care reforms.

Rep. Wilson is a conservative Republican, who, until his shouted "You Lie" comment to President Obama, was perhaps best known as one of only seven Republican State Senators to vote to continue flying the Confederate battle flag over the state capitol, stating that, "The Southern heritage, the Confederate heritage is very honorable." The South Carolina Senate voted 36-7 to remove the Confederate flag. Joe Wilson's affiliations include membership in the organization, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Since his outburst on national television during the President's speech, Congressman Wilson's campaign has registered over a million dollars in donations from conservatives around the nation.

On September 15, the House of Representatives officially rebuked Representative Wilson, by a vote of 240-179. Wilson refuted calls for him to publicly apologize to the House (he had previously apologized to the President in a phone call), blaming Democrats for creating a combative atmosphere in the House. It was after this floor speech by Wilson that the House voted in the official rebuke.

Also, former President Jimmy Carter, who is a southern white Democrat, blamed Joe Wilson's outburst and much of the recent protests related to the health-care debate on racism. Congressman Wilson's son, Alan, defended his father and denied that Joe Wilson is a racist.

  Joe Wilson's Congressonal Election Record


2010 Election U.S. House of Representatives—South Carolina 2nd District: Joe Wilson's Opponents in 2010 are Democrat and Iraq War Veteran Rob Miller, and independent Marc Alan Beaman

2008 Election U.S. House of Representatives—South Carolina 2nd District

Joe Wilson (R), 54%

Rob Miller (D), 46%

2006 Election U.S. House of Representatives—South Carolina 2nd District

Joe Wilson (R), 63%

Michael Ray Ellisor (D), 37%


2004 Election U.S. House of Representatives—South Carolina 2nd District

Joe Wilson (R), 65%

Michael Ray Ellisor (D), 33%


2002 Election U.S. House of Representatives—South Carolina 2nd District

Joe Wilson (R), 84%

No Candidate (D),

Mark Whittington (United Citizens), 10%

ames R. Legg (L), 6%

2002 Special Election U.S. House of Representatives—South Carolina 2nd District

Joe Wilson (R), 73%

Brent Weaver (D), 25%



 Rep. Joe Wilson Shouting "You Lie" to Obama.




Rep. Joe Wilson explains his opposition to President Obama's Health Care Plan

Addison (Joe) Graves Wilson was born on July 31, 1947, in Charleston, South Carolina. After graduating from the High School of Charleston, he received his undergraduate degree from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and completed his law degree at the University of South Carolina. A real estate attorney by trade, Joe was a founding partner of the West Columbia law firm Kirkland, Wilson, Moore, Taylor & Thomas.


His career in public service officially began when he served on the staffs of South Carolina legends Senator Strom Thurmond and Congressman Floyd Spence. As part of the Ronald Reagan administration, Joe was Deputy General Counsel to the United States Department of Energy Secretary and former South Carolina Governor, Jim Edwards.


After serving in the United States Army Reserves from 1972-1975, he also served in the South Carolina Army National Guard. In the summer of 2003, Wilson retired as a Colonel, having served as a Staff Judge Advocate assigned to the 218th Mechanized Infantry Brigade. At the time, Wilson was the only active Guard member serving in Congress.


Before being elected to the United States Congress in 2001, Joe Wilson served seventeen years in the South Carolina State Senate where he was elected Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, the first Republican Chairman since Reconstruction.


Currently, Wilson serves on the House Armed Services Committee - where he serves as Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Military Personnel - the Committee on Education and Labor, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. He was appointed by the Republican Leader to the highly influential Republican Policy Committee and works as an Assistant Republican Whip. He is Co-Chair of the Bulgaria Caucus, the Afghanistan Caucus, the Kurdistan Caucus, the Americans Abroad Caucus, and the Victory in Iraq Caucus.


Among Congressman Wilson's political priorities are a committment to promoting peace through a strong national defense, decreasing taxes for all Americans, and limiting the size of the federal government, all of which are core beliefs held by most conservative Republicans.


Joe Wilson is married to Roxanne Dusenbury McCrory, andthey are the parents of four sons, all of whom serve in the U.S. military, and the grandparents of two boys and one girl. Alan, his oldest son, is a Major in the Army National Guard who served for a year in Iraq; Addison is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a physician who recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq; Julian is a Captain in the South Carolina Army National Guard who served on a peacekeeping tour in Egypt; and Hunter is enrolled in Army ROTC at Clemson University and is a Cadet in the South Carolina Army National Guard.

Family, Career, and Personal Highlights

Hugh de Veaux Wilson --Father

Wray Graves Wilson --Mother

Roxanne Dusenbury McCrory --Wife

Alan McCrory Wilson--Son

Addison Graves Wilson, Jr.--Son

Julian Dusenbury Wilson--Son

Hunter Taylor Wilson --Son






1969: BA, Washington and Lee University

1972: J.D. University of South Carolina School of Law



Real Estate Attorney, Kirkland, Wilson, Moore, Taylor & Thomas Law Firm (Columbia, SC0


Political Career:

1962: Worked on the congressional campaign of Floyd Spence (Spence lost)

Municipal Judge in Springdale, SC.

1981-1982: Deputy General Counsel under Energy Secreteary Jim Edwards (Reagan Administration)

1984-2001: South Carolina State Senate

2001-Present: U.S. House of Representatives (2nd-South Carolina)


Military Service:

1972-1975: United States Army Reserves

1975-2003: South Carolina Army National Guard; retiring with the rank of Colonel in 2003



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