Thomas Nast (1840-1902):

Political Cartoonist

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Thomas Nast Self Portrait

Thomas Nast Self Portrait


Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist


Information on the life of Thomas Nast, famous political cartoonist. Please use the following links and sources to find good information.


Thomas Nast Homepage- Homepage for the "Father of Political Cartooning.

Republican Civics: The Origin of the Republican Elephant.

The Thomas Nast Society- The Thomas Nast Society encourages research, the exchange of information and knowledge, preservation of the original and published works of Nast and relates his contribution to his time and his legacy.

Senate Art and Historical Collections: The Cartoons of Thomas Nast Thomas Nast and the U.S. Senate -A barbed wit and regular appearances in the popular 19th-century newspaper , Thomas Nast fathered the modern political cartoon.

Encyclopedia.com: Thomas Nast-- Encyclopedia article on Nast.

Ulysses S. Grant & Thomas Nast-- The friendship between Nast and Grant.



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Personal Data

Historical Significance: Thomas Nast was the first true political cartoonist. He developed the universally known symbols of America's two main political parties; the donkey for the Democrats, and the elephant for the Republicans. His rendition of Santa Claus as a red-suited, white-bearded, jolly old fat man is still the most popular image of Old Saint Nick.


Date of Birth: September 27, 1840

Date of Death: December 7, 1902

Born in: Landau, Germany

Died in: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Occupation: Newspaper cartoonist


Books by and about Thomas Nast


World Biography-More pages on contemporaries of Thomas Nast

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Thomas Nast-American political cartoonist.

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