World War 2:

Images and Pictures of the Raid at Dieppe (1942)

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World War 2:

Images and Pictures of Raid at Dieppe (1942)


 Canadian troops Dieppe

Canadian troops captured by the Germans at Dieppe

The Raid at Dieppe, on August 19, 1942, was a disastrous Allied assault on the German-occupied French coast. The joint British and Canadian attack on Hitler's Fortress Europe was an utter failure, with nearly one-third of the 5,000 Canadian troops who took part in the attack killed or captured by the Germans.


Map of Dieppe Raid Operations

Dieppe Raid

Landing of Allied troops at Dieppe in Operation Jubilee, August 19th, 1942, with a smoke screen deployed in order to conceal Allied landing craft from German fire.



Valour Remembered: Canada and the Second World War 1939-1945 --account of the Raid on Dieppe.

The Raid on Dieppe, 19th August 1942-- Well-written account of the raid.

Dieppe--Well-made site run by the Canadian Veterans Affairs Department. 

Dieppe and the Italian Campaign--Details the first combat for the Canadian Army in Europe in World War 2.


Battle Histories of the World-- Contains several links to World War 2 pages. The accounts of Dieppe are detailed and technical and appear to have been scanned or transcribed from official documents.


Steel Chariots: A Resource Site for the Canadian Armour Enthusiast.-- Web page devoted to the armoured arm of the Canadian military.

Churchills at Dieppe-- Contains information on the use of armour at Dieppe.


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