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William Howard Taft:

U.S. President and Chief Justice


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William Howard Taft:

U.S. President and Chief Justice


In the future, this page will contain more in the way of actual content on William Howard Taft, America's 27th President and also a Chief Justice of the the U.S. Supreme Court, but for now, please use the following links and sources to find good information.



Inaugural Addresses of William Howard Taft 1909 - from Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of The United States.

POTUS: William Howard Taft - from the Internet Public Library - Presidents of the United States.

William Howard Taft - including interesting facts, biography, quotes, and links.

William Howard Taft --From the White House website


Medical History of President William Howard Taft--Reviews the medical history of America's 27th, and heaviest, President.


Presidents: William H. Taft--A biography of President William Taft including his family trivia and accomplishments in office.


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