Links for the Conflict in Northern Ireland

Links for the Conflict in Northern Ireland

British Troops During the Northern Ireland Conflict


The Conflict in Northern Ireland that began in 1969 and took the lives of thousands, is only the latest conflict between the British and the Irish in long list of conflicts dating back nearly a thousand years. The Anglo-Irish Wars page contains a list of the wars between the English (and British) on the one side, and the Irish on the other.
Latest News on the Conflict in Northern Ireland

Shot fired during Belfast rioting --BBC, July 13, 2009

2 British soldiers killed in N. Ireland gun ambush--Associated Press, March 8, 2009


The Conflict

Conflict Archive on the INternet (CAIN Project) - a developing collaborative multi-media database of resources relevant to teaching and research on the Northern Ireland conflict.

Key Events in Northern Ireland History - from the BBC.

BBC News Report: Inside the Maze Prison - from Jan 9.

Remembering Bloody Sunday - January 30, 1972.


The Peace Process

Extracts from Tony Blair Speech - "I felt the hand of history upon us. Today the burden of history can at last start to be lifted from our shoulders." From the London Times, Apr 11, 1998.

Northern Ireland Peace Process - latest reports from the Northern Ireland peace talks, as well as an archive of all to date, searching for a lasting solution to the conflict.

Key Points of N. Ireland Accord - from the Washington Post.

Peace in Northern Ireland? - history, factoids, and dozens of links. From Out There News.

White Ribbon Peace Campaign - to support peace in Northern Ireland.

Human Rights Watch: Justice for All? - analysis of the human rights provisions of the 1998 Northern Ireland Peace Agreement.

Belfast Telegraph Guide to the Peace Talks


Protestant or Pro-U.K. Groups & Sites

What is the Orange Order ? - Protestant group rejecting the deal.

Royal Ulster Constabulary - the police force of Northern Ireland.

UK Northern Ireland Office


Catholic or Pro- I.R.A Groups & Sites
Irish Northern Aid Committee - commemorating Bloody Sunday.

Britain and Ireland Human Rights Centre - monitors, promotes and extends human rights protection in the context of conflict resolution in Northern Ireland.

Frontline: Behind the mask: The IRA & Sinn Fein

Profile of Gerry Adams-- Leader of Sinn Fein

Irish Political Prisoners Information - Irish Republican issues, particularly concerning political prisoners. Includes news, academic articles, and related links.


Northern Ireland Politics
Northern Ireland Internet Links - links to political parties and official bodies in Northern Ireland. From the BBC.

Northern Ireland Elections Site - includes information, statistics and constituency profiles.

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