American Revolution

The American Revolution

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The American Revolution
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Welcome to the new American Revolution section of the History Guy website. This section will continue to grow as we examine the American Revolution, its causes, consequences, and the details of the war itself. We will cover the military battles and campaigns, the personalities involved in the Revolution, as well as those people associated with the events leading up to the war, and those involved with the post-war Confederation period and the events leading up to the writing and adoption of the United States Constitution. The issue of slavery will be examined, as well as the economic issues that helped create a new nation.


 Battles and Campaigns of the American Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War--Overview page on the War of American Independence.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775) --The first battles of the Revolutionary War.

Speeches and Documents of George Washington

American Revolution Documents

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Causes of the American Revolution

The Boston Tea Party--Anti-tax protest by the American colonists against British authority

North American Colonial Wars--A listing of the colonial wars in North America between Britain, France, and Spain from 1689 to 1763. These conflicts led up to the American Revolution.

The Slavery Issue

Slaves as a Percentage of the U.S. Population.--New

Slave Rebellions in U.S. History

Personalities of the American Revolution-Biography pages of people who impacted the course of the American Revolution

George Washington--Commanding General of the Continental Army in the Revolution and later America's first President.

Benedict Arnold--American officer and war hero until he betrayed the Americans to the British.

Dr. Benjamin Rush-- Signer of the Declaration of Independence, member of the Constitutional Convention, noted physician and ardent supporter for the abolition of slavery.

Presidents of Congress Under the Articles of Confederation (1781-1789)--A listing of the Presidents of Congress Under the Articles of Confederation from 1781 to1789.



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