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Avengers Chart: Issues 1-16

Avengers Members, Villains, and Guest Heroes


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 The Avengers

You will see below there is a chart showing the appearances of villains, heroes, and guest stars, along with some other details of the first sixteen issues of The Mighty Avengers. The goal of this chart is to put into graphic form the changes to the Avengers lineup over the early issues of the Avengers.

The colors in some columns represent the colors of Avengers members; green for the Hulk, golden for Iron Man, etc. You will also see which villians appeared in each issue, along with other guest stars and notes on what took place in these Avengers comics.

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Guest Heroes/Characters


Antman/Giant Man



Iron Man

Captain America


Scarlet Witch


Vol. 1, #1












Vol. 1, #2

Space Phantom



aka Giant Man








Vol. 1, #3

Hulk; Sub-Mariner

FF, X-Men, Spider-man

Hulk is no longer Avenger









Vol. 1, #4


 Rick Jones






Joins Avengers




Vol. 1, #5

Lava Men

Hulk, Rick Jones










Vol. 1, #6

Baron Zemo I & Masters of Evil*











Vol. 1, #7

Baron Zemo; Enchantress; Executioner, Loki

Odin, Rick Jones










Vol. 1, #8












Vol. 1, #9

Masters of Evil; Wonder Man











Vol. 1, #10












Vol. 1, #11







Iron Man absent





Vol. 1, #12

Mole Man; Red Ghost

Rick Jones










Vol. 1, #13

Count Nefaria

Mr. Fantastic; ; Rick Jones










Vol. 1, #14

Kallu (Alien Race)

Dr. Svenson; Watcher










Vol. 1, #15

Masters of Evil (d. Zemo)

Rick Jones










Vol. 1, #16

Masters of Evil (w/o Zemo)

Rick Jones


Giant Man leaves Avengers

Wasp leaves Avengers

Thor leaves Avengers

Iron Man leaves Avengers

Captain America becomes Avengers Leader

Hawkeye Joins Avengers

Scarlet Witch Joins Avengers

Quicksilver Joins Avengers


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