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Gulf War Pictures and Images

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General Norman Schwarzkopf gives one of his famous Gulf War Briefings

General Norman Schwarzkopf

Gulf War Pictures and Images 


Amid growing tension between the two Persian Gulf neighbors, Saddam Hussein concluded that the United States and the rest of the outside world would not interfere to defend Kuwait. On August 2, 1990, Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait and quickly seized control of the small nation. Within days, the United States, along with the United Nations, demanded Iraq's immediate withdrawal. U.S. and other UN member nations began deploying troops in Saudi Arabia within the week, and the world-wide coalition began to form under UN authority.

By January of 1991, over half a million allied troops were deployed in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Gulf region. Intense diplomacy between U.S. and Iraqi officials failed to bring an Iraqi withdrawal, so, on January 16, 1991, Allied forces began the devastating bombing of Iraq and her forces in Kuwait.

Below are pictures and images of the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq.

Gulf War Images and Pictures

Israeli Civilian with a gasmask

Israeli Civilian with a gasmask during 1991 Gulf War


Hostage Stuart Lockwood and Saddam Hussein before the 1991 Gulf War

Highway of Death

The so-called "Highway of Death" where American warplanes hit the Iraqi army as it attempted to leave Kuwait City.

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A destroyed Iraqi tank highlighted by the burning Kuwaiti oil wells.


M-198 155mm howitzers of the 18th Field Artillery Brigade firing on February 24, 1991 (the first day of the ground offensive) from positions in southern Iraq.

Destroyed Iraqi Air Force Su-25 FROGFOOT at Jalibah air base in southern Iraq, March 4, 1991.


President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush visiting American troops in Saudi Arabia.





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