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King County
Government & Politics

Use this page to research the Executive and Legislative (County Council) branches of King County government. This page also contains links to web pages and email for the King County Executive and for the Metro-King County Council members. Links to local political parties and citizen's groups are also available.




Homepage for King County Government

King County Charter The document giving King County its government.
King County Election Results
1999 Election Results

November 2, 1999 General Election
September 14, 1999 Primary Election
May 18, 1999 Special Election
April 27, 1999 Special Election
March 9, 1999 Special Election
February 2, 1999 Special Election

1998 Election Results

Nov. 3rd, 1998 General Election
Sept. 15th, 1998 Primary Election

King County Executive


County Executive Dow Constantine: [email protected] | 206-296-4040

Metropolitan King County Council

Metropolitan King County Council The elected officials who legislate (make laws) for the county.

Councilmember Bob Ferguson: [email protected] | 206-296-1001

Councilmember Larry Gossett: [email protected] | 206-296-1002

Councilmember Kathy Lambert: [email protected] | 206-296-1003

Councilmember Larry Phillips: [email protected] | 206-296-1004

Councilmember Julia Patterson: [email protected] | 206-296-1005

Councilmember Jane Hague: [email protected] | 206-296-1006

Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer: [email protected] | 206-296-1007

Councilmember Reagan Dunn: [email protected] | 206-296-1009

* denotes the Chairperson of the Metro King County Council


 County Politics
King County Democrats

King County Republicans


County/State Activist Groups


The Democracy Network--Community-based, interactive political website. Includes information on upcoming elections.

Peace Action of Washington--Major peace issues of the day and links to E-Mail and other addresses of elected officials.

Washington Conservation Voters--Seeks to elect and support environmentally responsible candidates.

County/State Resources

Map of King County Council Districts --Find out which district you are in.

Community & Human Services Dept.

Oral History Program --"The Oral History Program records and transcribes the recollections of legislators, state officials and citizens who have been involved with the state's political history. These tapes and transcripts, along with companion literature, are made available to the public through a variety of sources, including libraries and state and regional archives. The program also assists museums, historical societies, and others in creating exhibits about the state's political history, and contributes to educational programs in public schools." *Statement from the Oral History Site.

King County Voter Registration-- Register to vote.

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