Jet City Comic Show


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Jet City Comic Show


Randy Emberlin

 Randy Emberlin's table at Jet City Comic Show 2011

The Jet City Comic Show is the annual comic book show held in Seattle, Washington every year in September. This year's comic show featured creators Dustin Nguyen and Nick Dragotta, while the primary media guest was William Katt, who played the Greatest American Hero in the television show of the same name in the early 1980s. The Jet City Show was held again this year atThe Seattle Center.

This was the second annual Jet City Comic Show, and this year's show was (in my humble opinion), better attended and better organized than the inaugural show last year. The vendors seemed like they were selling more comics and other geek accessories than last year, and this year several top guests were booked to appear at the show, and most of them made it to Seattle. Jet City put a lot of social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) effort into promoting the appearance of William Katt, the actor from the Greatest American Hero.

Greatest American Hero

William Katt as the Greatest American Hero

Among the creators at Jet City, Dustin Nguyen, Randy Emberlin, and Nick Dragotta were the best known. Writer Greg Rucka was scheduled to appear, but cancelled two days prior. Artist Alley seemed to be populated with a larger number of "name" creators from various corners of the industry, indicating the growth of Jet City's appeal among the comics industry.

Jet City bills itself as Seattle's only one-day comic show, setting it apart from its big sister, the Emerald City Comicon, held in March. Emerald City is more like a mini-San Diego Comicon, which is to say it is as much a pop culture show as a comic show. Jet City is still a Comic Show, first and foremost. It serves as a good place for comic dealers and comic buyers to meet and engage in the original intent for the comic show concept: the buying and selling of the source code of comic pop culture, the Comic Book!

Being on a rather strict budget set by Mrs. Comicshistoryguy, I only window shopped, though I was mightily tempted by a really quality copy of Avengers #2, as well as a nice looking Brave and the Bold #28 (1st appearance of the Justice League). The dealer, to his everlasting credit pointed out that the Brave and the Bold I espied from afar had undergone some slight restoration work. As I only collect unrestored books, I was glad and impressed with his honesty.

The staff of the show were friendly and professional, the facility was clean and well-suited for hosting the show, and it looked like a LOT of comics and other related items exchanged hands. One table in particular bears mentioning. In October, Seattle will see the first Geek Girl Con, which bills itself as "promoting awareness of and celebrating the contribution and involvement of women in all aspects of the sciences, science fiction, comics, gaming and related Geek culture through conventions and events that emphasize both the historic and ongoing contribution and influence of women in this culture." The ladies at the Geek Girl table showed a lot of enthusiam and have made a very good showing at using social media to attract folks to their con, which runs October 8 and 9 in Seattle.

Overall, I enjoyed attending the Jet City Comic Show, and plan on attending next year. Hopefully with money, (and permission), to open my inner geek (and my wallet). See you there...

Jet City Wolverine

A fan dressed as Wolverine at the Jet City Comic Show


 Jet City Comic Show

Ad Banner from the Jet City Comic Show 2011




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