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Egypt is one of the oldest nations in the world. Egypt was a world power in ancient history, and is featured prominently in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible, as well as in the Muslim Koran. Egypt was a major part of several ancient empires, conquered by Alexander the Great, the Romans, and finally by the Muslim Arabs who originated in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century. Today, Egypt is the most populous Arab nation, and wields a large amount of influence in Arab and Muslim world politics. This page provides links to Egypt and Egyptian History pages within the History Guy website, as well as selected Egyptian and Middle Eastern History Links and Resources throughout the internet.




Anglo-Egyptian Wars--Wars and conflicts between Egypt and Britain 

Arab-Israeli Wars --This page shows a listing of conflicts between various Arab nations and the state of Israel.

Arab-Israeli Border Wars-

Barbary Wars-America's first wars in the Muslim world. Though technically not a party to this war, the U.S. Marine expedition that invaded Tripoli was based in Egypt, and launched the American invasion of Tripoli from Egyptian soil.

Camp David Accords-Text of the treaty between Egypt and Israel.

The Crusades--A series of religious wars between European Christians and the Muslims of the Middle East, both Arabs and Turks. Egypt was one of the targets of the European Crusaders.

Economic and Population Data on Middle Eastern Nations

Egypt History Timeline

Egyptian-Israeli Disengagement Treaty of 1974


Gaza Strip Conflict/Gaza War- Palestinian-Israeli War of 2008. Egypt is a neighbor to Gaza and once ruled Gaza from 1949-1967)

Greek War of Independence (1821-1832)-- Egypt's part in this war came about when the Ottoman Turks requeste Egyptian aid in fighting the rebellious Greeks. The Pasha of Egypt, Muhammad Ali, sent his son Ibrahim to Greece with a powerful Egyptian army. The British, French, and Russians intervened to save the Greeks, defeating a combined Turko-Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Navarino in 1827. French troops expelled the Egyptian land forces. The Egyptian portion of the war lasted from 1825-1832. This war led directly to the First Turko-Egyptian War. (see below) See also: Greco-Turkish Wars

Gulf War --Egypt joined the United States and other nations in liberating Kuwait.

History of Yemen: Wars and Politics--Egypt fought a war in Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula in the 1960s.

Libyan-Egyptian War (1977)--A brief four-day border war between Libya and Egypt.

Libya Unrest Timeline 2011

Political Unrest in Egypt 2011 Timeline

Six-Day War (1967)-part of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Suez War of 1956-part of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

War List of Middle East Conflicts

Camp David Accords

The War on Terror/Long War/al-Qaida War

Wars of Egypt

Wars of Libya

World War Two (1940-1943)-While Egypt did not actually engage in combat in this war, significant campaigns took place in western Egypt as the Germans and Italians invaded with the intent of driving the British out and seizing the Suez Canal.

Tahrir Square Violence


Egyptian Biography:

Presidents of Egypt

President Hosni Mubarak Biography


Egypt History Links and Resources Outside of the History Guy Website:

Kohn, George C. Dictionary of Wars. New York: Facts On File Publications. 1986.

Egypt History:

The History of Ancient Egypt

History Timeline of Ancient Egypt

History of Egypt - Wikipedia Article

History, Timeline & Facts about Egypt

Egyptian Presidents:

Hosni Mubarak--Wikipedia Article

Barbary Wars:

Swords of the Marine Corps: The Mameluke Sword--An explanation of where the traditional Marine Corps sword originated.

The Marine's Hymn--Looks at the origins of the Marine Hymn and the line "From the Shores of Tripoli."

Barbary Wars--From Global

First Barbary War--a Wikipedia article

Second Barbary War--a Wikipedia article

Victory in Tripoli: Lessons for the War on Terrorism--by Joshua E. London--Heritage Lecture #940, delivered on May 4, 2006









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