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Republican Presidents who enjoyed a Republican majority or plurality in both the House and the Senate.


Years and Congress

House of Representatives

(1st number is Republican, second is Democrat and third is "Other parties.")


(1st number is Republican, second is Democrat and third is "Other parties.")


1861-1863 37th Congress


31-15-3 (1 vacant seat)

Lincoln *

1863-1865 38th Congress



Lincoln/A. Johnson* (Andrew Johnson was not a Republican)

1865-1867 39th Congress




1869-1871 41st Congress




1871-1873 42nd Congress




1873-1875 43rd Congress


47-19-7 (1 vacant)


1875-1877 44th Congress


46-28-1 (1 vacant)


1881-1883 47th Congress


37-37-2 (The Republican Vice-President acted as a tiebreaker in a Senate vote.)

B. Harrison

1889-1891 51st Congress




1897-1899 55th Congress




1899-1901 56th Congress


53-26-10 (1 vacant)

McKinley/ T. Roosevelt

1901-1903 57th Congress



T. Roosevelt

1903-1905 58th Congress



T. Roosevelt

1905-1907 59th Congress



T. Roosevelt

1907-1909 60th Congress




1909-1911 61st Congress




1921-1923 67th Congress




1923-1925 68th Congress




1925-1927 69th Congress




1927-1929 70th Congress


48-46-1 (1 vacant)


1929-1931 71st Congress




1953-1955 83rd Congress



G.W. Bush

2001 107th Congress


50-50 (Republican Vice-President Dick Cheney acted as a tiebreaker in a Senate vote.)

* Note: After the southern states seceded from the USA in 1860 and 1861, most of their Representatives and Senators left the U.S. Congress and formed the Confederate Congress. Most of them were Democrats, so the numbers of Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress is skewed by the absence of those southern Democrats.

**Note: During the Grant Administration, the Southern states slowly re-applied for admission to the Union. The period from the end of the Civil War to the point at which all southern states were re-admitted to the Union is called "Reconstruction." During this time, the U. S. Army basically ran the South and helped ensure that freed slaves were allowed to vote and hold office. As a result of this, many Republican congressmen were elected through the enforcement of electoral laws allowing Blacks to vote. Most of the freed slaves naturally voted for the Republican Party; "the party of Lincoln." After the Army was withdrawn in 1877, election laws were changed in the South to make it much more difficult, if not impossible, for Blacks to vote. As a result, the Democratic Party gained control of the southern states and their congressional delegations.



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