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Napoleon Bonaparte

Military History Links

Military History links on the History Guy Website

Wars and Conflicts by Nation

Major Wars of the 20th Century

Asian Military History

German Wars and Conflicts between 1918 and 1923

The Wars of Egypt

The Italo-Turkish War of 1911-1912

Kurdish Wars in Iraq

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Persian Revolution and Russian Intervention (1906-1911)

French Military History: Wars from 1919-1939

French Military History: Wars from 1945-Present

German Internal Wars and Conflicts

Wars of the Soviet Union

Wars, Coups, and Conflicts of Haiti

Wars of India

Wars of Pakistan

Civil Wars of Chad

Wars of Sudan

Wars and Conflicts of Lebanon

Wars and Conflicts of Tunisia

Wars of Libya

The Egypt-Libya War of 1977

Inter-Palestinian Civil Wars and Conflicts

The Wars of Mexico

Wars of the Papacy

The Crusades

Wars and Campaigns of Charlemagne

Wars and Conflicts of Adolf Hitler

Wars of Vietnam

Cambodia-Vietnam War

China -Vietnam War

Wars of the United States--

Civil Wars and Rebellions of the United States

The American Revolution-

Quasi-War With France

The Barbary Wars

War of 1812

Texas War of Independence

Mexican-American War

The Spanish-American War

Sino-American Wars and Conflicts: Wars and Conflicts Between China and the United States

U.S.-Philippine War

World War I

World War Two

The Cold War

Korean War-

The Second Indochina War "Vietnam War"

U.S. Invasion of Grenada

Second Persian Gulf War "Operation Desert Storm"

No-Fly Zone War (1991-2003)

Kosovo War

Attack on the USS Cole

The War on Terror/Long War/al-Qaida War

War in Afghanistan

Iraq War (Third Persian Gulf War)

Naval Incidents Between the United States and China (2009)

The Use of American Military Forces Around the World 1981-1990

The Libyan War of 2011

Serial Wars and Conflicts

Anglo-American Wars
The American War of Independence

Anglo-Dutch Wars

Anglo-Egyptian Wars: Wars Between Britain and Egypt

Anglo-Irish Wars

Arab-Israeli Wars

Wars Between Israel and Syria: From 1948 to the Present

Wars Between Egypt and Israel

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Suez War

Six-Day War (1967)

Israel-Lebanon Conflict

Arab-Israeli Border Wars

Ethiopian-Oromo Conflicts

Franco-German Wars-

Indo-Pakistani Wars

Warfare and Conflict Between Kosovar Albanians and Serbs Since 1912

Third Balkan War

Korean Border Conflicts and Incidents (1953-Present)

Habsburg-Valois Wars: French Wars in Italy (1492-1516)

Greco-Turkish Wars

Sino-Japanese Wars

Russian-Polish Wars

 New and Recent Conflicts of the World-

Iraq War

Afghanistan War

The Afghan Civil War (1978-Present)

War in Afghanistan: Operation Khanajar/Strike of the Sword (July 2009-Present)

Taliban War in Pakistan

Thailand-Myanmar Border Conflict

Thailand-Cambodia Border Dispute

India-Bangladesh Border Conflict

Attack on the USS Cole

Terrorism: al-Qaida, Islamist, and Jihadi Terrorist Attacks in the United States

The Second Chechen War (1999-Present)

Operation Desert Fox (1998)--

Georgian Military Revolt (1998)

Lesotho Invasion (1998)

Saudi-Yemen War of 1934

Saudi-Yemen Treaty of Taif (1934)

Saudi-Yemen Border Conflict (1998)

Yemeni Tribal Uprising (1998)

Sa'dah al-Houthi Rebellion in Yemen (2004-Present)

Saudi-Yemen Border Conflict (2009)

History of Yemen: Wars, Politics, and al-Qaida

Egypt History Timeline

Political Unrest in Egypt 2011

Political Unrest in Libya Timeline 2011

Syrian Uprising 2011

Guinea-Bissau Civil War and Intervention (1998-1999)

First Ivory Coast Civil War

Kosovo War

No-Fly Zone War (1991-Present)

Kashmir Border Conflict

The Hmong Rebellion in Laos (1975-Present)

Oromo Rebellion in Ethiopia (1973?-Present)

Northern Ireland Conflict (1969-Present)

Georgia-Russia War (2008)

Somali Pirate Attacks

Somali Pirate Attack on the Maersk Alabama

Naval Incidents Between the United States and China (2009)

Gaza Strip Conflict/Gaza War (2008-2009)

Bangladesh Army Mutiny of 2009

Korean Border Conflicts and Incidents (1953-Present)

North Korean Nuclear Crisis

Korean Naval Battle (November, 2009)

Korean Crisis 2010

Iran Election Protests and Violence 2009

Iran War Scenarios

Iran's Baluchistan Rebellion (2003-Present)

Iran Wars and History Bookstore

Honduras Coup of June, 2009

2010 Kyrgyzstan Uprising

The Maoist Insurgency in India

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